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Why We Love Nachos!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Located in Lincoln, NH

Crunchy, Cheesy, and Delicious!

Nachos! They are tempting, tantalizing, and addicting. You can never just have a few bites. There is nothing better than this simple mix of crispy chips and the oozing cheese that is simply irresistible and delicious for any occasion or mood. Nachos are a type of food that can be mixed up for any occasion because you can change up the toppings to meet the event. For example, my favorite nacho’s when I am binge-watching Netflix is buffalo chicken nacho’s with extra cheese but when I was going through a breakup my best friend taught me how to make dessert nachos. DESSERT NACHOS DO EXIST! When I say nachos can be for any occasion or mood, I mean it. With this being said, it obvious that there are so many types of nachos, but my go-to nachos night is at Nachos Mexican Grill with my friends. My friends and I fell in love with sharing a plate of nachos at Nachos Mexican Grille & More, located in Lincoln, NH, not only do they taste amazing but Nachos Mexican Grilled also offer an amazing drink menu, so everyone has something they like while catching up. Alongside the nacho’s appetizer, we fell in love with our Friday Nachos Mexican Grille night because they offer a menu full of amazing food that has something for everyone including my vegetarian friend.

This Mexican dish, we have all come to love first appeared in 1943 in a small city in Mexico, Piedras Negras, not too far from the United States. This small city is actually near a military base, Fort Duncan in Texas. The story of this dish, according to Time Magazine, is that a group of military wives from Fort Duncan were having a shopping day in Mexico and stopped by Piedra Negras to grab some dinner. When they stopped everything was closed but a local shop owner, Ignacio Anaya, felt bad so insisted on making them some nachos. The original nacho recipe was chips, cheese, and slices of jalapeno. This recipe became so loved that it was written in a church cookbook and has been loved greatly by many ever since.

As said before, nachos have evolved from the original recipe of chips, cheese, and sliced jalapenos. Now you can Google nachos and hundreds of recipes for the “ultimate nachos” will pop up. Though there are a large number of nacho recipes out there the nachos at Nachos Mexican Grille and more are still my friend's favorite. With this being said, something you can’t find at Nachos Mexican Grille is dessert nachos. Dessert nachos is for those who have a major sweet tooth or just having a bad day and need the comfort of nachos but the sweetness to make you feel better. My favorite dessert recipe involves strawberries, blueberries, cinnamon sugar chips, and a mix of chocolate and caramel sauce. Though this recipe I found on Google recommends whip cream, I add my favorite flavor of ice cream. If you’re like me and love sweets but also love how comforting eating nachos is, then this is the perfect concoction for you.

Nachos have grown in popularity, especially in the United States where this is a dedicated “National Nacho Day”, which is celebrated on November 6. The United States isn’t the only country to celebrate nachos. The small city, Piedras Negras, where nachos were first made, holds The International Nacho Festival. During this festival, you’ll find live music, art, cultural activities, and a contest for the biggest serving of nachos in the world which is registered with the Guinness World of Records. This festival is to celebrate the love that the world has fallen for this Mexican dish to come out of this small city.


  • Nachos are commonly craved by pregnant women.

  • The dish was never claimed by the original creator but by his son. When his son sought ownership, too much time has passed, and the name now belonged to the public.

  • In Mexico, the dish is originally called ‘totopos’.

  • The recipe first appeared in the U.S in a recipe book called ‘Taste of Texas’ in 1949.

  • A school in Kansas currently holds the world record for the largest serving of Nachos. Nachos weighing in at 4,689 pounds and taking up a table that was 80 feet long. 2,200 pounds of this creating was just the cheese alone.

  • Nachos can be made into a healthy snack. You can make them healthy by using baked tortilla chips (easy to make at home), less cheese, and adding additional veggies such as peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.

  • Adding beans, beef, and so many toppings used commonly are considered a modern-day version of the dish.

  • Tortilla chips are an American invention.

  • Nachos have become more than the simple dish we’ve come to love. People have turned nachos into casseroles, salads, and other added twists to the dish.

Nachos are a dish that is popular and loved by many and has been made popular in the foodie world. From nacho flavored Doritos to unique nacho casserole dishes, nachos have grown so much from the simple chips, cheese, and jalapeno treat it once was.

This dish can be made and enjoyed anywhere but especially at Nachos Mexican Grille in Lincoln, NH. This restaurant offers nachos that have just the right amount of toppings that will please everyone at the table and can be enjoyed while having a fun time out with friends and family.

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