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3 Things People Always Get Wrong about Mexican Food

Mexican food is one of the most well-loved cuisines in the world. Almost everyone has a top-of-mind favorite Mexican dish. But, what do you know about authentic Mexican food?

See, when non-Mexican people hear Mexican food, they think of nachos, beef, and chicken tacos. Throw in a couple of cheesy quesadillas, and that can be considered a full-on Mexican feast for some people. However, even though so many people love this food, most people have the wrong idea about the cuisine.

There are a lot of stereotypes, myths, and misconceptions about Mexican food. So many people believe those things to be gospel, and when you get down to it, it leads them to miss out on the real deal.

There’s no doubt you’ve had good, maybe even great Mexican food. But if you’ve been convinced that the myths about the cuisine are real, the chances are high that you haven’t actually had honest-to-God authentic Mexican food.

For one, many people seem to think it’s all grease and fat. Well, maybe the inauthentic, fast-food versions are, but the type of food you get in Mexico is generally pretty healthy, especially when you hold the various sauces like sour cream. Here are five things you should know about Mexican food:

It’s Simple

One of the most appealing aspects of Mexican food is the heavy, cheesy overload you’ll often find offered in most fast food places. Of course, that’s only a popular belief of what Mexican food is.

In reality, if you can find an authentic restaurant or find yourself visiting the country, the food there will be flavourful but made from simple and fresh ingredients.

The ingredients aren’t excessive, but the way they’re delivered and combined makes the cuisine different from others. Simple dishes only look fancy and over-the-top because of the elaborate and pleasing presentation.

It’s Not That Spicy

Some people seem to expect Mexican food to have a nuclear spice level. Spices, peppers, and more are used to enhance dishes. While you can always make the food spicier if you want, it’s not a requirement for Mexican food.

The goal is to bring out the flavor, not burn away your palette. It shouldn’t be painful to eat Mexican food unless that’s how you like it. You should probably just ask for more spicy sauce or some peppers on the side. Sometimes peppers are used more for their flavor rather than the heat they bring.

It’s Not Cheap

One of the most common misconceptions about Mexican food is that it’s all street food. While Mexico does offer plenty of excellent and impressive street food, that’s just one aspect of the whole cuisine.

As mentioned before, it’s all about using the best ingredients, and more often than not, that can be expensive. The last thing you’ll think of when you see authentic Mexican food is that it’s cheap.

The best ingredients don’t come cheap, so don’t expect the food to come cheap either. Remember that in Mexico, their food isn’t slathered in cheese, cream, and sauce.

The Bottom Line

Authentic Mexican food is bold, colorful, and made from the freshest ingredients. People often think of it as cheap street food, probably something akin to junk food. If you already like the cheaper stuff, you’re going to fall in love with authentic Mexican food.

There is a time and place for everything. There’s affordable Mexican food, medium-priced ones, and expensive ones. Do yourself a favor and explore other Mexican restaurants to get a taste of what you can get if you were in the country yourself.

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