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How Mexican Food Transformed the United States

For centuries, the food and flavors from our friends south of the border have had a profound impact on our own cuisine and culture. Trading has been huge since our young nation’s history, and there’s no doubt that the influence of Mexican food remains strong to this day. In almost every corner of the US, there’s always a store serving the finest delicacies from lovely Mexico.

Tortillas, tamales, tacos, salsas, enchiladas, chili con carne, and other traditional Mexican foods have become popular since the last half of the 1900s, and these dishes have become almost everyday terms for many Americans nowadays. We’ve welcomed their culture-rich food with open arms, and it has influenced our nation in more ways than one.

With all that’s been said, let’s explore how Mexican food has transformed the United States, along with how we influenced their traditional cuisine:

The Rich History of Mexican Food in the US

Mexican flavors first rose to popularity among Americans when US soldiers came into contact with the food throughout the 19th century during their operations in Texas. Staple dishes like tamales and chili con carne have become local favorites, and the latter became known as just “chili” as it was mass-produced, canned, and introduced to the larger American public.

Mexican migration to the US during the 19th century heavily contributed to the cuisine’s popularity among Americans. Migrant workers moved further north to meet the labor demands of the railroad and agricultural industries. As our friends from south of the border explored different regions, they brought their food with them and introduced it to the American palate.

The Rise of Mexican Restaurants and Food Trucks in the US

As many Americans welcomed the flavors of Mexican food, there had been a massive influx of Mexican restaurants serving various traditional and new dishes. Guacamole, nachos, and tacos have become the talk of the town, and fast food places have even adopted some of the food.

As of April 2017, no fewer than 59,800 Mexican restaurants exist in the United States, and this accounts for approximately 9% of the total number of restaurants in the country. The impact of this cuisine is undeniable.

Food trucks are also an important influence of Mexican food in the US, as they originated back when Mexican food vendors sold their food on wagons. These wagons eventually evolved into trucks, leading to the convenient restaurants on wheels we enjoy today.

Mexican Food with an American Twist

Due to the merging of two great cultures, many Mexican foods have adapted to fit the American palate. Numerous dishes like chili, burritos, quesadillas, salsas, and fajitas now have different Americanized versions. People from the US enjoy putting a lot of cheese, sauce, and hot peppers in Mexican-inspired dishes, quite unlike traditional recipes from their home country.

The Social Impacts of Mexican Food

Through the decades, Mexican food has been less and less exotic and now has a mainstream status due to how many people enjoy it. There are now trends like “Taco Tuesday” or “Fajita Friday,” and dishes like nachos have become iconic snacks. The US also celebrates “National Taco Day,” which occurs every 4th of October.

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Mexican food has an undeniably profound impact on American cuisine and culture. What was then an exotic, foreign delicacy has now become part of our everyday lives, and it will continue to transform our nation as we discover unique ways to explore its rich flavors.

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