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Here’s Important Stuff to Know About Mexican Tequila

When was the last time you had a really good margarita? It's probably when you went out to celebrate an occasion with family. Or when you needed to just handle stress. Or when you were out having a fun time with friends. Chances are you were at a Mexican restaurant, too. Whenever that was, it also means you've had Mexican tequila on your tongue and in your system one way or another.

Mexican Tequila Isn't One-Size Fits All

There is generally a misconception that Mexican tequila is basically the same thing. In truth, there are different kinds of Mexican tequila out there. Many factors contribute to particularly good tequila, such as:

1. Tequila is good if it is neither bitter nor harsh

Another common misconception people have of tequila is that it doesn't go down smooth and comes with a bite. That's really not true: the most ideal of tequilas are actually wonderful. They go down smooth and offer an overall delightful drinking experience.

2. Tequila is good when it can be paired with any kind of food

Of course, Mexican tequila will bring on considerations of Mexican food. Burritos, tacos, rice and beans and cheesethe possibilities are endless. In truth, good tequila can and will go well with any kind of meal out there.

3. Tequila is good when there's no hangover feeling later on

Mexican tequila that's properly distilled ends up eliminating hangover-causing elements. Expert opinion is unified in saying that when tequila is at its best, people who drink it don't end up hungover or groggy.

4. The very best tequila? 100% agave.

You will find "mixto" tequilas wherever you look; it's the most common type of Mexican tequila out there. However, 100% agave tequila is the one that actually tastes the best. There's no cane sugar in it, with a taste that's far better than the mixes out there.

So What Kinds of Tequilas Are Out There, and What Are They Like?

Good question. As previously mentioned, there's quite a range of tequila out there. Popular types include the likes of:

  • Gold Tequila - This gets its name from the rather distinct hue it gives off. It has food coloring that's generally caramel in nature, which the spirit absorbs pre-fermentation. They are not aged whatsoever.

  • Reposado - Taking its name from the Spanish word for "rest,” it rests anywhere between two months and a year. The tinge of color it has comes from the barrels they're aged in, generally gold.

  • Silver Tequila - Usually called "Blanco,” it's the purest tequila available out there. The aging process only takes a few weeks. This is what's commonly found and used for margaritas and other mixed drinks.


Contrary to popular belief, Mexican tequila is not one and the same. Good tequila doesn't cause hangovers, isn't bitter or harsh, and can be paired with any food out there. There are several varieties available on the market today. Popular varieties include gold tequila, reposado, and silver tequila. Now that you know all about Mexican tequila, it’s time to order a shot along with Mexican favorites.

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