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All about the Flavor: What Makes Mexican Cuisine So Beloved?

It’s a Saturday night: you’ve got your movies loaded up, your phone on mute, and your air conditioner is on full blast while you’re under a blanket—life can’t get any better than this.

With nearly everything sorted for your ultimate “me-day,” the only thing left to do is order some food so you can tie everything together for maximum enjoyment. As you scroll through your phone for options, you don’t have to ask yourself about what you’re in the mood for because there’s one answer in your mind: Mexican food.

But what makes it so popular and beloved?

A Brief Rundown of Mexican Cuisine

Best known for its deeply-rooted traditions, associated stories, vibrant colors, and authentic, unique, and delicious flavor palette, Mexican cuisine has become one of the most popular kinds of food in the world today.

The average Mexican restaurant’s menu is filled with star-studded options that will make anyone’s mouth drool, from well-loved classics like quesadillas and tacos to foundational dishes such as burritos. Many restaurants are now sourcing the best ingredients and paying attention to the way they prepare their food, and it’s hard to imagine life without a taco or burrito every week or so!

Regardless if you’re a vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, carnivore, or pescetarian, there’s no doubt that Mexican food will always make for a smart decision when looking for something to eat. Thanks to the use of unique spices, time-honed traditional cooking techniques, and culinary creativity, this type of food has been able to flourish and become as delicious as it is relevant today.

Explaining Mexican Food’s Popularity

When it comes to understanding exactly why Mexican cuisine is so popular (and why it’s such a big hit for millions), it’s vital to understand that many reasons go far beyond “just liking” it. If you want to fully delve into the science of why you can’t get by without a single dish from Nachos Mexican Grille & More for even just a week, here’s a rundown of reasons that can explain the love you feel:

1. No Other Cuisine Uses Spice Better

Although the title of “best spice usage” is a rather heated debate for most foodies, there’s no denying that Mexicans have mastered their way of using heat. Whether it’s for smaller applications such as a taco and a bottle of salsa or bigger full-size barbacoa that needs a whole lot of heat for a kick, you can always bet your money on the fact that the best spice comes from Mexican cuisine.

2. It Helps You Eat Healthy—Even If It Doesn’t Taste Like It

Admit it: when you think about eating healthier, you stick your tongue out in disgust because it seems like the only thing you can eat is a dry salad. But this isn’t exactly the case! You see, Mexican cuisine is incredibly healthy because it uses high-quality ingredients that do a whole lot of good for the body. With dishes made with classics like lean meats, beans, limes, tomatoes, and avocados, even the most seemingly sinful burrito is guaranteed to give your body all the nutrients and nourishment it needs!

3. Dishes Can Always Be Paired with Good Liquor

Got an Al Pastor taco in hand? It’s definitely something that you can pair with a glass of whiskey. Eating some nachos? Best to enjoy each bite with a sip from a Corona. Chowing on a chimichanga? You can always pair it with a shot or two of tequila on the rocks. If you’re someone that loves having a good glass or bottle of liquor in hand, then you can’t eat better than you will with Mexican food. After all, how can you lose when you’re having the best meal you’ve ever had with a drink that’s guaranteed to make you feel good?


When it comes to understanding why Mexican cuisine is such a special part of the relationships we have with food, there are all kinds of reasons that one can take into mind when putting the words together. The next time you scarf down a Latino or Hispanic flavor vessel, take a step back and think about the points mentioned above—it’ll make your experience so much sweeter! If you’re on the lookout for a fantastic Mexican restaurant near you, Nachos Mexican Grille is spicing up the White Mountains with its flavorful menu and amazing drink menu. Contact us for a reservation or head on out to Main St., Lincoln, New Hampshire today!

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