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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Nacho Toppings at the Nacho Bar

A plate of nachos is always a fun dish to have when you have Mexican night! There is nothing quite like scooping up a bunch of delicious toppings with a nacho-spoon and shoveling all that goodness into your mouth as you spend time with your friends or loved ones. While the classic combination of oozing cheese and crisp nacho chips is a treat on its own, even that combo can be glammed up.

If you have been to a nacho bar, you may have been faced with the predicament of choosing which toppings to put on your nachos and cheese. To prevent getting into this pickle the next time you stand at the nacho bar, this blog post will help you get to know the best ingredients to put on top of your nachos!

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Nacho Toppings at the Nacho Bar

If you feel like you have had the same plate of nachos over and over again, here is a list of new ingredients you might want to try the next time you go to a nacho bar!

1 - Different Chip Options

Aside from the regular nacho chips, you may want to consider other options to consider adding to your nacho bowl. You can try lime, jalapeno, cilantro, or even chili chips and mix them up in your bowl for a surprise with each bite you take.

2 - Queso

You can never be able to have a delicious bowl of nachos without good queso or cheese. There are usually many options when it comes to cheese. You can add the regular nacho cheese, jalapeno, or even grated cheese to your toppings pile to maximize the experience.

3 - Salsa or Pico De Gallo

Adding sauces like tomato salsa or pico de gallo will incorporate a new range of flavors and textures into what may otherwise be a mundane bowl of nachos. Adding these sauces will give your nacho bowl a Mexican taste that you will be looking for when you pick up your next chip.

4 - Fresh Greens

Fresh greens can add a healthy kick to what others consider junk food. Adding shredded lettuce or cucumber will freshen up a nacho plate and give you the excuse to have a few more chips because you are eating something healthy with them!

5 - Fruit

Another unconventional ingredient is some pieces of fruit! You can add apples, strawberries, and other diced fruit to give your nachos a sweet taste. Many find fruit an unexpected yet delicious flavor that will add extra crunch and sweetness to a regular plate of nachos.


These unique options will help you get the most of your nacho experience! While you can still add the regular meat, guacamole, and other favorites to your mountain of toppings, changing it up once in a while is where the fun happens. Trying new combinations will allow you to find new tastes and textures you might like. This is the fun of a nacho bar, and you should enjoy it the next time you have Mexican night!

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