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Everything You Need to Know About National Fajita Day

August 18 is creeping up, and you know what that means? National Fajita Day is just around the corner and it’s the time for celebrating the unique and authentic taste of Southwest cuisine. On this glorious day, every street and Mexican restaurant will be sizzling with black beans, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese-filled smiles as everyone will be munching on fantastic fajitas.

National Fajita Day is the essence of Tex-Mex culture, and its humble beginnings started decades ago in the 1930s. During this time, Mexican vaqueros in Texas created the fajita by using different cuts of beef, which was their payment for a day's work.

These workers found a way to use these "throwaway" cuts and create a delicious and efficient meal. Because of its simple recipe and flavor-filled goodness, it quickly gained popularity, and in the 1960s, Sonny Falcon started selling fajitas to the public, making him "The Fajita King."

What Can I Do During National Fajita Day?

Besides munching on these glorious meat- and spice-filled pockets, there are other ways to enjoy fajitas on their special day:

Cook Delicious Fajitas

You need to simply enjoy fajitas on National Fajitas Day, and what better way to do that than by cooking your way to Fajita paradise. The great thing about this dish is that the process and ingredients are simple. All you need to do is add onions, bell peppers, a slab of juicy beef, and a mix of sweet and spicy sauces and stuff them all in a flour or corn tortilla.

Visit Mexican Restaurants

There's no denying the Mexican restaurants are the bosses when it comes to creating delicious fajitas. And for that reason, it only makes sense to make your way to the best Mexican restaurants to enjoy the best sizzling fajitas in town. Not to mention, these spots may even have solid deals because fajitas are worth the celebration.

Try Fajita-Inspired Dishes

The culinary industry is constantly evolving, and fusions of meals are popping up in every corner. With that, there's no doubt that you'll find a fajita-inspired dish in the metro. And what better way to celebrate fajita's evolution in the Tex-Mex culture than by trying culinary experiments of the renowned dish.

What Makes Fajitas So Great?

One of the reasons people love fajitas is that each corn pocket is packed with delicious sizzling meat. Hearing the meat sizzle and smelling its spice-filled aroma is enough for people to stop on their feet and make their mouths water. Top that off with some onion, garlic, and other spices, and you're good to go.

Another reason people love fajitas is its humble beginnings and how its story shaped the Tex-Mex culture. From being a workman's go-to food to being the ultimate meal for gatherings, fajitas have gone a long way.

The Bottom Line: Enjoy Fajitas on National Fajita Day

You can enjoy a plate of fajitas on your own, but of course, it's much better to have a meal with a bunch of people who love Tex-Mex cuisine. Surprise your palate with the nuances of fajitas and visit the best Mexican restaurants on National Fajita Day.

Which Mexican Restaurant Should I Visit?

Tex-Mex food is one of the most celebrated cuisines all over the world, thanks to the bounty of ingredients involved that surprised every person's palate. If you want to try delicious Mexican food, check out Nachos Mexican Grille.

Looking for a fantastic Mexican restaurant to try? Check out our flavorful menu and satisfy your Tex-Mex craving today!

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