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When over the age of 21, you tend to have your preference of alcohol, for most it’s whiskey or vodka but for this gal, it’s tequila, and no tequila drink is better than a margarita. No matter the time of year, nothing screams like a good time like a good margarita. With a variety of flavors, from sweet and salty to a little bit of spice, margaritas are made for everyone. Along with the many flavors a margarita can be made of, they can also be made with on the rocks (over ice) or a frozen blended treat, perfect for those warm days by the pool or on the beach. My personal favorite is a strawberry margarita on the rocks with a sugar rim. Without the margarita, we most likely wouldn’t have tequila as readily available as we do today, and tequila would just be a special Mexican novelty.

The Most Important Ingredient, Tequila!

Before getting too carried away about margarita’s let’s talk about the most important ingredient of any margarita, tequila. Tequila has been dated back to the Aztecs and although there’s no real way to know when exactly tequila came about we do know that tequila has been making nights more memorable and fun for centuries. Tequila began to become commercially distilled back in the late 1700s and this is when historians recognize tequila truly being made after Don Cenobio Sauza recognized blue agave as the best ingredient to produce tequila.

Although we know that tequila has been around for a long time the reason why tequila started becoming commercialized is that before tequila the Spanish loved brandy and they could live without it but when supplies on Brady grew low they began making tequila to substitute the brandy. Before Sauza recognized blue agave as the best plant to produce tequila, they used many different agaves to make this drink.

Who Invented the Margarita?

Cocktails are pretty hard to pinpoint when it comes to who invented them because the case is usually a bartender was messing around, people enjoyed the concoction, and it spreads from there. There are a few rumors about who invented this refreshing cocktail. The first rumor is that a man named Carlos “Danny” Herrera created the drink in 1938 when one of his fussy clients, Marjorie King, an actress who is said to be allergic to all hard liquor but tequila. He wanted tequila to be more pleasant for King, so he whisked together salt, lime juice, and tequila to resemble the infamous tequila shot combo.

The next rumor that is popular and many believe is that the margarita was created by a wealthy Dallas socialite, Margaret (aka Margarita) Sames. Sames claims to have created this cocktail back in 1948 for her friends while staying at her Acapulco vacation home. One of her guests was Tommy Hilton who enjoyed the drink so much he added to his hotel bar menu.

Although we don’t know which of these rumors are to be true, what we do know about the margarita though is that it became popular in 1953, after being featured in the December issue of Esquire Magazine.


Like any cocktail or alcoholic beverage, certain flavors go with certain foods better than other flavors and this is what the professionals recommend when deciding what margarita to have.

Margaritas come in so many flavors, how do you decide what to order or make when having your dinner? Well, let’s start with the classic margarita. The classic margarita is made with quite a bit of citrus considering it has lime juice and orange liquor. With this being said, it is recommended that the classic margarita be paired with a meal that can complement the strong citrus flavor in this drink. This type of meal would ideally be chicken, shrimp, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and any cooked meat. Some idea’s for a meal that can be paired with a classic margarita is carne asada or nachos.

If you enjoy adding spice to your life then you probably enjoy a spicy margarita. Some of my personal favorite spicy margarita’s are the classic jalapeno margarita and my go-to, a spicy mango margarita. These spicy drinks go extremely well with dishes that are, you probably guessed it, spicy. These flavors pair well with spicy queso and chips, chicken with a kick, but if you need food that will be milder than we recommend fajitas.

Of course, we can’t forget the popular fruity flavors! From strawberry to even peach, margaritas come in a large variety of sweet flavors that always taste amazing, especially in the summer. When drinking something as sweet as a strawberry margarita we recommend pairing it with a dish that is milder in taste. Fruity margaritas are best paired with fruit and dessert but what if you’re having it for dinner? For dinner pair this drink with simple foods like a hamburger or enchiladas. These flavors won’t fight the sweet flavors of your drink.

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